Classic Touareg · 6/8 PERSON

Our spacious sandstone Touareg tents are beautifully dressed with all the comforts that you need to enjoy your stay at the festival.  There is something undeniably magical about sleeping under canvas, and we provide you with all the luxury you need for a good nights sleep.

Our Classic Touareg Tents are suitable for a maximum of 8 and come fitted with comfortable airbeds, sheets, carpet floor, Moroccan print rugs, door matt and fairy lights. Additional bedding packages including duvets and pillows can be booked as extras.


  • Comfortable airbeds with a sheet
  • Carpet floor
  • Rugs
  • Door mat
  • Fairy lights

Bed Configurations:

  • 3 x Double Airbeds
  • 2 x Double and 2 x single Airbeds
  • 1 x Double and 4 x Single Airbeds
  • 6 x Single Airbeds
  • 4 x Double Airbeds
  • 3 x Double and 2 x Single Airbeds
  • 2 x Double and 4 x Single Airbeds
  • 1 x Double and 6 x Single Airbeds
  • 8 x Single Airbeds

Please note that the price of the tent doesn’t include the price of a full weekend festival ticket.

6 Person  – £995

8 Person  – £1195

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