We’re thrilled to announce Bruntwood as an official bluedot partner. Bruntwood has a long-standing connection with science, arts and music and is the largest property platform dedicated to driving science and technology growth in regional cities. As much as we nurture a love of science, arts and music, we also help to bring the regions into focus culturally, putting Jodrell Bank and its surrounds on the map. Bruntwood, whose purpose is to create thriving cities, also seeks to support the regions and help their communities to blossom and grow both economically and culturally.

The Microdot event series kicked off with Microdot 001 at the newly-expanded Hatch, which is now the city’s biggest creative village of food, drink, retail, entertainment, social and event space and workspace, and itself a Bruntwood project which forms part of the Circle Square neighbourhood along Manchester’s Oxford Road corridor.

For future Microdots keep an eye on the bluedot and Bruntwood social media feeds throughout the year.

Microdot 001, Saturday 15 June. Photo: Jody Hartley

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