23 November · 7-8pM


A special free global livestream event, celebrating Delia Derbyshire Day 2021.
Featuring specially-commissioned new audio-visual works responding to the extraordinary legacy of Delia Derbyshire.

We’re excited to be joining forces with Delia Derbyshire Day for a special evening broadcast, of audio-visual pieces inspired by the work and archive of the legendary musician and composer, as well as the theme of ‘imagination’.


FEATURING original commissions for delia derbyshire day 2021…

Suzy Mangion & Katie Mason

location: Gisland

A short film inspired by the Cumbrian village where Delia lived for a few years in the 1970s after leaving the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

“As a composer Delia Derbyshire had a rare gift of never imagining the obvious. She was able to take musical sounds in unexpected directions, without fuss or pretension, imagining whole musical worlds in miniature.” – Suzy Mangion

“Delia Derbyshire’s methods of creating sounds are a constant inspiration to me. She took the ordinary and experimented with its potential to become something extraordinary.“ – Katie Mason

MT Hall & Lacey Liang

Hybrid Ecologies: between sky and soil

“Delia’s work shows how we can grow and lean into the fullness of our imagination and with that, its power.” – MT Hall

“I was particularly inspired by Delia’s working notes from her years working in the BBC. Her collaborating method was very structural, very meticulous.“ – Lacey Liang