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We’re excited to announce Lush will be joining us at bluedot this July, with a number of exciting activities and a programme of insightful talks and stunning performance.

From Thursday 21st July to Sunday 24th July 2022, you’ll be able to freshen up and feel lusher than you arrived by checking out Lush’s various activations across the weekend…


A chance to champion Lush’s packaging-free, plastic-free and self-preserving invention: the small but mighty Shampoo Bar. First invented by Lush co-founder Mo Constantine 35 years ago, the shampoo bar comes to the rescue of festival goers who are desperate to wash their hair!



After a consultation with one of our HairLab experts, choose the shampoo bar and conditioner that’s right for you, have your hair washed on one of our luxury salon chairs, and then head over to the Self-Styling area which includes hairdryers, straighteners and fresh handmade styling products. Specialists will be on hand to offer advice and get you achieving the locks you always longed for! 

Take your shampoo bar home in a lovely tin that can be reused over and over again. Treatments normally last between 15-30mins, depending on hair type. The Lush ‘Shampoo Bar’ bar also contains a small shop to purchase naked haircare, hairbrushes and various lifestyle items.

Booking is available in person at the festival for just £12.

Thursday 21st: 17:00-20:00
Friday 22nd-Sunday 24th: 08:00-20:00



Situated just in front of the Lush ‘Shampoo Bar’ bar, Lush are delighted to bring the team from the Liverpool HairLab over to Bluedot.

Lush HairLab are passionate about working with your specific hair type to achieve your festival look! They’ve designed some fest-tastic hair styles using Knot Wraps (Lush’s ethical, sustainable and downright beautiful answer to giftwrap). Knot Wraps can be re-used over and over for a number of purposes – a hair accessory being just one of those. You’ll get to keep your Knot Wrap after your hair is professionally styled and explore its endless uses at home! Great for wrapping around your head to protect you from the sun at festivals … or for wrapping around your tent pole to make yours more recognisable! 

There are two choices to have your hair styled with your Knot Wrap…

Braids for Days: Protect your hair and let your creativity shine through!

Party Pony: Take your classic ponytail and make it party ready!

Booking is available in person at the festival for just £7.

Friday 22nd-Sunday 24th: 09:00-18:00



New for 2022, Bluedot are launching the Power Plant Stage, a predominantly talks based stage in an area dedicated to plant-based living. Lush has lovingly co-curated this stage with Jodrell Bank, including talks on subjects the brand is really passionate about, such as: circularity, regeneration, and fighting animal testing. Similarly, Lush Fresh Handmade Sound loves the opportunity to promote up and coming artists and as such there are some brilliant musical acts on this stage too.


11:15-12:00 Lush Presents: Moving Towards a Circular Economy

Speakers: Gabbi Leodolff, Rey Shakespeare, Rae Stanton-Smithson.

Our current reliance on the take, make then waste system is degrading our planet, our valuable resources and possibly even our personal wellbeing.

What is the answer? A move towards a Circular Economy where materials, energy and time are values, and kept in continual cycles of creation, use and reuse/recycle. Join Lush for an insight into why they believe a circular Economy is crucial and examples of how businesses, and individuals, can embed more circularity into their day-to-day practices.

12:30-13:00 Lush Fresh Handmade Sound Presents: Chinwe

East London native Chinwe is a singer-songwriter and producer. Chinwe features on our Lush Finds Playlist and has worked with us on recent projects.

14:00-14:45 Lush Presents: Fighting Animal Testing

Speakers: Carol Treasure (XCellR8), Rob Harrison (Ethical Consumer), Nike Jukes (Interniche), Rebecca Ram (LP Scientifix Advisor), Hilary Jones (Lush Ethics Director)

In 2012 Lush created a global prize fund to help bring an end to animal testing. The Lush Prize [] rewards scientists who are working to replace animal tests with more sophisticated modern techniques, as well as campaigners who are working to change the laws which require them. This panel contains both scientists and campaigners who are working with the Prize.  They will talk about at why change is needed, at exciting new developments in technology, and may even have some time to take questions from the audience.


11:15-12:00 Lush Presents: Talking ’bout Regeneration
Speakers: James Atherton, Gabbi Leodolff, Rakesh Rootsman Rak.

Regeneration helps us learn from nature’s patterns and apply it in our own lives and spaces, bringing more health, wholeness, and resilience to ecology and society. But what does this look like in practice? Join Permaculture teachers like Rakesh Rootsman Rak and ingredients Buying specialists like Gabbi Loedolf to see how regeneration can work in practice. How might you bring nature’s principles into your life?

12:30-13:00 Lush Fresh Handmade Sound Presents: Emily Magpie

Emily Magpie is a dream pop artist and producer from Bristol,
Emily has a strong environmental awareness message and love for nature and its regeneration play a big part within her music

14:00-14:30 Lush Presents: Emergence of New Paradigm by Satish Kumar
Speakers: Satish Kumar.

The current paradigm is the paradigm of economic growth at all cost. In order to achieve unlimited and continuous economic growth we are sacrificing the integrity of our precious planet Earth… Join Satish Kumar, editor emeritus of Resurgence & Ecologist, as he shows how a new paradigm restores the integrity of Nature and dignity of human life.

15:30-16:15 Lush Presents: Intersectional Veganism
Speakers: Rae Stanton-Smithson, Hilary Jones, Rakesh Rootsman Rak, Rosie Rivvy.

What has veganism got to do with wider conversations about equality, equity, fairness and the experience of being human? How do other areas of a person’s individual identity sit alongside their choice to lead a vegan lifestyle?

Join us as we ask our panel of inspired speakers to share their thoughts and experiences around these questions and more.


12:00-12:45 Dale Vince

Dale Vince launched Ecotricity (, the world’s first green energy company in 1995, which powers more than 200,000 homes and businesses across Great Britain with renewable energy. His work focuses on three key areas – energy, transport and food, collectively responsible for 80% of our own personal carbon emissions. Ecotricity launched the Electric Highway – Europe’s first national EV charging network in 2010, and Dale is also chairman of Forest Green Rovers – recognised by FIFA and the United Nations as the World’s greenest football club. He became a UN Climate Champion for sport in 2018, and launched his first book, Manifesto in 2020.

13:00-13:45 People-Powered Retrofit

More and more people are retrofitting their homes to reduce energy bills, cut carbon emissions, improve their health and transform cold, neglected rooms into cosy, well-used spaces.

But retrofit isn’t always straightforward and queries and concerns are common, particularly at the start. What are the right measures for my home? Who are the most experienced, trustworthy contractors? What is the best price? How long will it take? What degree of improvement will I see?

People Powered Retrofit are a not-for-profit service for householders in Greater Manchester, offering clear, independent advice and support to help you plan, procure and deliver your retrofit project to a high standard.

14:30-15:15 Lush Presents: Charlie Moores in conversation with Sophie Pavelle & Carol Treasure
Speakers: Charlie Moores, Sophie Pavelle, Carol Treasure.

Join Lush podcaster Charlie Moores in conversation with author Sophie Pavelle and Carol Treasure, founder and CEO of XCellR8, a UK-based laboratory devoted to animal-free safety, as they discuss discuss biodiversity and re-wilding in the UK.

16:00-17:00 Lush Presents: Fear of The Green Planet with KMT
Speakers: Ian Solomon-Kawall.

KMT (Ian Solomon-Kawall) presents his latest album, Fear of The Green Planet. KMT has over 20 years of leading positive social change and raising awareness for a multitude of social issues through the powerful words and rhythms of Hip Hop music and a non-exhaustive passion for the environment and conservation. Join KMT for this session where he presents his latest album, and discusses Permaculture through a lens of intersectionality and accessibility.

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