Imagine the best bits of bluedot taken on the road, with music, science, cosmic culture, family fun and more around the world. That’s Microdot.

Microdot launched in 2019 as bluedot partnered with Bruntwood for the launch of the new Hatch space in central Manchester. Microdot 002 took place in 2020, launching Bruntwood’s Glasshouse centre at Alderley Park. And 2021 saw Microdot take over Glasgow for two nights at COP26 in association with The Vegan Society, Featuring Chris Packham, Liz Lawrence and more…

Microdot 001
Saturday 15 June 2019
HATCH, Manchester

Microdot 001 saw us take over the launch of the new Hatch venue in Manchester’s student village. bluedot curated a free-entry day of music, science and cosmic culture, from David Attenborough’s Jungle Boogie, Cassetteboy, DJ Paulette and more, family encounters with Space Rebel Princess and Pride Storm Trooper, and special Dot Talks curated by Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Microdot 002
Saturday 15 February 2020

For Microdot 002 bluedot launched the new Glasshouse centre at bruntwood’s Alderley Park complex. This special day of science, music and cosmic culture featured drone workshops, yoga classes and live music plus the curation of Luke Jerram’s GAIA in the foyer of Glasshouse, open to the local community.