New to 2017 is our ‘Not Quite Light’ photography workshop with award-winning artist Simon Buckley, who recently won a City Life Award for his Not Quite Light event in 2016.

Join Simon for a 90 minute workshop session in which he’ll teach budding photographers the techniques of taking low light images, followed by an evening walk-around at 11:15pm to pop the techniques into action. A follow-up session on the Sunday will also take place which looks at the images taken and feedback will be provided. 

Space is limited at this workshop (maximum 10 people) and you’ll be required to bring the following equipment:

  • DSLR or similar digital capture device 
  • Tripod
  • Cable Release 
  • Torch 

Workshop Times

Saturday – 4pm-5:30pm in the Pagoda (Planet Field) – ‘Technique Session’

Saturday – 11:15pm – 00:00 in Outer Space – ‘Photo Walk-Round’

Sunday – 4pm – 5pm in the Pagoda (Planet Field) – ‘Follow Up & Feedback Session’.

*This class is now fully booked, to be added to our reserve list please email

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