Music. Science. Cosmic Culture. This is the bluedot podcast.

Enjoy in-depth talks and panels, mini-documentaries and more, plus highlights from previous bluedot festivals.


Moby · Ann Druyan · Mogwai · Dale Vince · Angela Saini · Jill Tarter · Groove Armada · Jim Al-Khalili · Alice Roberts · Moog Music · Brian Cox and Robin Ince

Series 1, 2 and 3 of the bluedot podcast are available now on all major podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Featuring Plate Up – a special mini-series in association with The Vegan Society, featuring Moby and more – The Theremin Story in association with Moog Music, How To Cure Covid with Alice Roberts and Dan Davis, and more. Plus new and upcoming episodes with some of the biggest names from bluedot 2022

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Series 3: BLUEDOT 2022

Series 2: Plate Up!

in association with The Vegan Society

Series 1

In association with The Space