Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall has always been good for a quote. From the deep, dark days of early acid house to the modern-day Two Lone Swordsmen: if you’re looking for an opinion on the largely insipid world of dance music then Andrew’s always had that happy knack of cutting straight to the chase; delighting and upsetting in roughly equal measures.

The swaggering original moody DJ. The pop-star producer. Bastion of the underground. One-time (ahem) Balearic figure-head. Electronic experimentalist. Peerless explorer of the minimal techno sound. Arch grumbler. Londoner. Honorary Yorkshireman. All these notions have been bandied about by punters and critics alike in a bid to pin down Weatherall’s role in music, yet none of them quite fit the bill. And even when they do hit the mark they’re often far too paradoxical to make much sense. In the dull as ditch-water world of dance music, Andrew Weatherall comes across as a refreshing and involving character. This has always been reflected in his musical output since those formative days remixing Primal Scream’s rocky original into the pivotal ‘Loaded’.

Orbit Sunday 2017

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