Anita Heward (ESOF)

Anita Heward – The Outreach Coordinator for Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure and Communications Manager for Twinkle, an independent space mission to analyse the atmospheres of exoplanets orbiting distant stars. In recent years, technological advances, dramatically reduced costs and global collaboration have opened up the exploration of space beyond the hands of national agencies. Entrepreneurs seek space-based business opportunities; scientists raise funds for their own missions; amateur astronomers collect vital data for space missions; citizen scientists make discoveries using their mobile phones. Anita will talk about this democratisation of space, where it might lead us in the next phase of space exploration and how members of the public can get involved.

Part of the ‘ESOF Presents…’series. On Saturday 23 July, leading academics and researchers from a range of scientific disciplines and fields of discovery will be making an appearance at bluedot ahead of speaking at the EuroScience Open Forum, Europe’s biggest science conference, which is taking place in Manchester 24 – 27 July.

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