Boxed In

Following hot on the heels of 2015’s self-titled debut, ‘Melt’ is the second album from Oli Bayston, the singer, songwriter, producer and front-man of Boxed In. It is an album of warmly inviting yet coolly controlled electronic pop, at once intelligent and full of feeling. Its 11 songs are quirky, infectious, accessible yet experimental, richly detailed, with the accent on midtempo art ache; the beats are propulsive and the basslines pulsate, designed for clubbing, while the melodies tease and tug, aimed for lonely late-night listening. If your dream notion of modern dance music includes a fresh spin on ‘70s krautrock, ’80s synthpop and ‘90s house and techno, then you’ll love ‘Melt’.

Lovell Stage Saturday 2017

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