Professor Carly McLachlan is the Director of Tyndall Manchester – an interdisciplinary team working on policy relevant research on climate change. She is a social scientist based within the School of Engineering at the University of Manchester. Carly’s research interests focus on how stakeholders, including publics, engage with energy and sustainability issues and how ‘evidence’ is used within this.

Carly McLachlan will be in conversation with Dr Jenna Ashton about the impact of her work with Massive Attack on live music touring, and changing practices in the industry, and also about how sustainability issues are understood and acted on in relation to the university estate. She and Jenna will also reflect on their experience of COP26 and its consequences.

Dr Jenna Ashton is an artist and curator, and Lecturer in Heritage Studies, at the Institute for Cultural Practices, University of Manchester. Jenna’s research contributes to evolving social practice and creative methods within “heritage studies” theory and practice, for addressing social and ecological (in)justice. Jenna’s work is often site-specific, highlighting experiences and knowledge(s) of place.

Star Pavilion Saturday 2022

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