Chief Engineer: How to Build the Brooklyn Bridge

Join Erica Wagner as she discusses her book Chief Engineer, the first full biography of a crucial figure in the American story – Washington Roebling, builder of the Brooklyn Bridge.

His father conceived of the Brooklyn Bridge, but it was Washington Roebling who built what has become one of America’s most iconic structures. Yet its builder is too often forgotten – and his life is of interest far beyond his chosen field. It is a story of immigration, of the American frontier, of the greatest crisis in that nation’s history and of the making of the modern world. Drawing upon Washington’s recently rediscovered memoir, Chief Engineer is a meticulously researched, definitive portrait that allows Roebling to speak eloquently in his own words.

In her talk, Erica will discuss Washington Roebling and his work, as well as the glory of engineering and engineers, not least Charles Husband, engineer of the glorious Lovell Telescope here at Jodrell Bank.

Speaker: Erica Wagner

Dot Talks, Star Pavilion Saturday 2018

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