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Crime and Punishment

Nadine Matheson was born and lives in London and is a Criminal Solicitor. In 2016, she won the City University Crime Writing Competition and completed the Creative MA at City University of London with Distinction in 2018. In 2019, The Jigsaw Man was won by HQ (HarperCollins) in a six-publisher auction. The best-selling Jigsaw Man’ was published in 2021 and has been translated into 15 languages. Her second novel, The Binding Room, featuring DI Henley and the Serial Crimes Unit was published in July 2022.

Nadine Matheson

Parker Bilal is the author of six novels in the acclaimed Makana series. These novels cover the decade leading up to the 2011 Arab Spring. Parker Bilal has taken a break from Makana to write a new series that is based in London. These books feature two new characters: Ray Crane and Cal Drake. The Divinities is the first in the series, to be followed in the autumn of 2019 by The Heights. Parker is hard at work on the third book in what will be an opening trilogy.

Parker Bilal

Kia Abdullah is an author and travel writer from London. Her novels include Take It Back, a Guardian and Telegraph thriller of the year, Truth Be Told, which was shortlisted for a Diverse Book Award, and Next of Kin, Times Book of the Month Sep 2021.
Kia has written for The New York Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Times, The Telegraph and the BBC, and has received a JB Priestley Award for Writers of Promise (Royal Literary Fund, 2020). She is also the founder of Asian Booklist, a nonprofit that advocates for diversity in publishing.

Kia Abdullah

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