DJ Acid Rephlux

Conceived in the lady’s loo of a prominent Manchester dance temple, DJ Acid Rephlux has been loudly transforming the most unassuming of places into playful pockets of tuneful reverie since 2016, single-slicedly providing all the cheesey melodies (and tomato bass) the country’s toilet queues were crying out for.

Having boogied the nation’s toilets back from the brink of tinkle tedium, DJ Acid Rephlux has found herself belatedly belting bangers from the stages of more traditional soirees, with Sounds from the Other City, Balterfest, and a slew of (semi) high-profile weddings, all getting a pizza the action.

Accompanied by a gabble of Spicy Chuffs (her chili-adorned dance-crazed vibe-providers) and armed with an enviable selection of army-grade boot-shaking, foot-wiggling, lyric-warbling, fun-inducing bangers that are guaranteed to warm even the coldest of hearts, the aim is to most definitely to please.

So if you are crackers about cheese, you believe rhythm is indeed a dancer, heaven is undeniably a place on earth, groove is unquestionably in the heart, and you’re done with holding out for a hero, then get your bottom on down to a DJ Acid Rephlux set in 2019.

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