Du Blonde

Du Blonde may sound like a band, but in fact it is, and always has been, the work of just one person. Beth Jeans Houghton.

Her new album Lung Bread For Daddy delves even deeper into self sufficiency, seeing Beth take the reigns on production, instrumentation, album artwork and direction of music videos. This project is entirely her own. “I’ve always known exactly what I want my records to sound like and apart from drums, I have the ability to play all the instruments, so why wouldn’t I? It was also a ‘fuck you’ to anybody who has made me feel like my playing abilities were not good enough over the years.” Houghton states defiantly.

Lung Bread For Daddy veers wildly between genres reminiscent of proto-punk, psych rock and the wholesome song writing of the 1970’s, taking the listener on a journey through the landscape of her past. It is an honest and often uncomfortable look into the life of a person who’s experiences (“ My lyrics are always autobiographical. I can’t write fictional lyrics.” ) have been touched by a myriad of characters, homes across continents, periods of extreme loneliness, mental illness and a search for an understanding of personal identity.

Lovell Stage Friday 2019

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