An ongoing exploration of electronic hardware by Cowtown singer/guitarist and Hookworms drummer Jonathan Nash. Initially conceived as a constructive way to pass the time between other musical endeavours and an opportunity to interact with and learn from previously unattainable and semi-obsolete technologies, Game_Program has slowly evolved into a genuinely expressive outlet where half remembered, re-imagined memories coexist with child-like flights of fantasy and retrofitted nostalgia. It’s the musical equivalent of programming video games for a failed games console, a commercial anomaly or wildly experimental system forgotten and perhaps scorned by most but cherished by those fortunate to enough to see the potential way past it’s commercial sell-by date. That’s not to say Game_Program’s intended purpose is to shelter itself within the cosy confines of a childhood memory, nostalgic ideal or a longing for a supposedly “better time”, but instead reinventing that nostalgia or missed opportunity and repurposing it. For arguments sake Game_Program refers to his methodology as playfully optimistic revisionism.

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