Grace Lightman

Grace has been working towards her debut solo record for the past few years and her vision is finally realised in the form of ‘Silver Eater’. The album has been a collaborative effort between Grace as well as Ben Baptie [previously mixed & engineered; Moses Sumney, Young Fathers, Puma Blue, Lady Gaga] who makes his producer debut on this record and creative partner / co-writer Patrick J Pearson – between the three of them they’ve created a truly unique record that encapsulates Grace’s surreal pop driven vision and unique artistry.

The London bred musician makes sense of a tangle of competing influences- ranging from David Lynch and Laurie Anderson to classic disco and melodic big-stakes pop to craft a sound that resists lazy characterisation. One part ABBA, two parts Twin Peaks, and mediated through the character of the eponymous Silver Eater – an extraterrestrial fallen to earth, doomed to imitate and fall in love with the very humans they must remain a fugitive from. With the release of ‘Silver Eater’, Lightman has achieved something fiendishly rare, a concept album that combines narrative ambition with a sly undercurrent of dark humour.

Friday 2019

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