Granfalloon, is the musical project of Manchester based artist and producer Richard Lomax. Lomax makes a hybrid of lo-fi folk, experimental music, and electronica – weaving oddball elements, such as Omnichords, acoustic guitars, and vintage drum loops, into dreamy cinematic soundscapes. Granfalloon’s second album is out this September.

After relocating to Manchester in 2013, Lomax wrote and recorded 52 songs in 2014 (one per week) for the album Calendar – an ephemeral musical document of the year which saw him collaborate with different artists from week to week including future Granfalloon collaborator Peer Van See. After the album’s release in 2015 he put together the sonic palette for Granfalloon’s mixture of folk and electronica (folktronica) and recorded the debut Granfalloon album, Down There For Dancing, released in 2017 – “A lovely mass of chiming chords, deadpan wordplay and a wispy psychedelic otherness.” – Now Then Magazine.

Orbit Sunday 2019

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