Telescope Projections by Greenaway & Greenaway

SIGNAL audio visual film by Greenaway & Greenaway inc visuals from Professor Tim O’Brien

A site specific audio visual film. An evolving journey through history, scale, time & space exploring the fabric of our universe. 

A visceral experience from the micro to the macro. A journey of beauty and destruction, discovery and invention. 

SIGNAL will be shown every night post headliner in the Star Fields as part of a curated audio visual programme by Greenaway & Greenaway including content from Professor Tim O’Brien and images from the International Space Station, taken from NASA Image and Video Library.

Greenaway & Greenaway was established in 2009 by brothers Jude and Jolyon, who share a similar attitude and approach towards their artistic endeavours, leading to an organic production process that results in a strong signature style of work. This collaborative process of disciplines, crafting artistic and commercial work, allows them to forge dynamic films for spaces that is a hybrid of video, animation and sound.

Telescope Spectaculars Thursday 2022, Friday 2022, Saturday 2022, Sunday 2022

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