Human After All [A Tribute to Daft Punk]

Human After refers to the French duo Daft Punk (Parisian performers). We are two friends DJs who share the same fascination for the music and who want to make their dream becoming true. Since we did not want to simply listen their music passively, we have decided to perform in a new way their musical style, electronic circuits as well as Live and Visual performances.

Our first goal is to make our public aware of the excellent potentiality of this electronic music group, both mysterious and fascinating, standing out for the great ability they were accostumed to show in order to surprise their audience.
We’ll do our best in order to capture the public’s interest and attention in a magical atmosphere by using digital equipments for original music works, remix, videos, arrangements, wearing stage costumes and helmets and producing breathtaking light effects as Daft Pank used to do during their performances.

An amazing musical show for your events in clubs and public areas!!!!

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