Human Elements: how would you respond to a crisis?

What is it like to be part of the humanitarian response team when crisis strikes? What is it like to be a survivor of crisis? Come and visit our humanitarian hut to put yourself in the shoes of both survivors and aid workers. Our stall is set up like a field hospital with khaki canvas, pin boards, maps, bandages. Go inside a small humanitarian tent to find out what basic equipment humanitarian aid workers have with them in the field (food rations, mobile phones etc.). You can also see what an ebola suit looks like in real life!

In addition to the hut itself, there are various activities ongoing in the stall. The games will be timetabled on rotation.

Cinema (Ages: 15+)
Playing research videos on a loop -just drop in

Video games (Ages: 10+)
Participants play short video games such as ’Sustainville’ and ‘Darfur is dying’ which demonstrate how people respond to food insecurity and political instability.

Humanitarian management game – ‘Playing for predictions’ (Ages: 10+) 

You are in charge of managing a humanitarian crisis. How do you divide your limited resources between prevention and response? Bad choices have serious consequences and good choices will save lives. How well will you choose?

Humanitarian snakes and ladders (Ages: 5+)
On a huge board, navigate your way through various humanitarian crises. Ladders include successfully earthquake proofing your property, snakes include massive flooding causes your crops to fail.

Drawing games (Ages: 3+)
Help us decorate our humanitarian hut by drawing pictures of the three items you would save if a crisis forced you to leave your home.

Friday 2017, Saturday 2017, Sunday 2017

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