Jamie Woodward

Jamie Woodward is Professor of Physical Geography at The University of Manchester and a Fellow of the British Society for Geomorphology. His research explores how landscapes and people influence and respond to environmental change with a particular focus on rivers – from the Nile to the Mersey. He is especially interested in the materials transported by rivers and how rivers and humans interact – both now and in the distant past. Over the last decade Jamie’s work has explored mud, metals and, most recently, microplastics in rivers as part of a wider study of Manchester’s river network and the stories they tell about its unique industrial past. Jamie has published widely on environmental change, rivers, and the human past. He works in the Nile Valley with British Museum archaeologists and edits the journal Geoarchaeology. He has published a Very Short Introduction on The Ice Age and tweets @Jamie_Woodward_

Talk: The global significance of microplastics in Manchester’s muddy rivers

Dot Talks, Star Pavilion Sunday 2018

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