Jerry Dammers [Library Music DJ Set]

Jerry Dammers is the founder, main songwriter and keyboard player of the UK ska/rock/reggae band The Specials, and the founder of the 2 Tone record label. In the late seventies and early eighties, The Specials/Special AKA had many “hits with a message”, including the haunting Ghost Town and the anti-Apartheid anthem Free Nelson Mandela written by Jerry. He started DJ ing at the Wag Club with Paul Weller at a benefit for the miners’ strike in 1984, and has carried on ever since, building up a reputation as a deejay.

At this event , rather than playing ska, Jerry will be exploring other areas in which he has developed a reputation as a DJ, playing 60’s 70’s and 80’s”library” music – originally made as “off the shelf” background music for films or TV programmes, with some cosmic jazz and psychedelia thrown in, all on an Outer Space Age theme.

Private: Contact Sunday 2019

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