JESSICA WADE & melissa castrillón

Dr Jess Wade is an Imperial College Research Fellow working in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London. Her research considers new materials for optoelectronic devices, with a focus on chiral organic semiconductors. Outside of the lab, Jess is involved with several science communication and outreach initiatives. She is committed to improving diversity in science, both online and offline.

Melissa Castrillón is the world’s most magical illustrator. In 2009 she gained a first class honours degree in illustration and in 2014 she completed her masters in Children’s Book illustration, both from the Cambridge School of Art. Together they created the picture book Nano, the Spectacular Science of the Very, Very Small.

Talk: The very (very) small materials that will save the world

In this talk they will shrink down to the size of atoms and molecules and explore what makes certain nanomaterials so incredible. Discover how, by moving atoms very carefully, scientists can create extraordinary nanomaterials, developing technologies to build a better world. Expect to learn some great science facts, pick up some drawing tips and to hear just how awesome it is to be a scientist or illustrator.  

Star Pavilion Saturday 2022

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