Orbit Sunday 2023

Jessica Winter is an artist who doesn’t belong to one genre, scene or group.  She is not confined by sound but by song.  Much of her childhood was spent looking out of the window from her hospital bed which enabled a very vivid imagination to grow.  Jessica Winter takes inspiration from every life experience and explores sounds from the 80s, to trap, to indie and back around to pure pop. She is currently residing in Brixton but originally from Portsmouth.

Having been in bands for the past few years and currently one half of the duo PREGOBLIN, Jessica has a habit of never stopping and consistently curious of writing and producing music for herself and others. Most recently Jessica has been working with Jazmin Bean, polish singer Brodka, LYAM, S-Type, Paul White & Remi Kabaka (Gorrilaz) and previously featured on CID RIM’s track, ‘Is This Love’. 

After years of writing with people for joint projects Jessica started to write soley for herself in her garden shed come studio releasing her first solo project in 2018 catching the attention of Death Grips who quickly asked Jessica to support them over Europe.

From there Jessica amassed a huge collection of music for her own solo project, fine tuning her works with label friend Redinho, additional productions from Jonathan Snipes of Clipping, plus additional performance from Alex White (Fat White Family) on saxophone and Jason Cooper of The Cure on drums.

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