In November of 2011, Syrian-Armenian-American composer and vocalist K Á R Y Y N embarked on a trip from Brooklyn to Cherry Valley, upstate New York to find seclusion after visiting two dying relatives in Aleppo. A string of family deaths had left her feeling disillusioned and unable to relate to the people around her. “I felt like part of me was dying. I had decided to leave music. I was totally devastated,” she remembers.

At Cherry Valley, K Á R Y Y N lived in isolation, spending her time drawing, reading and recording music that she thought nobody would ever hear as a way to explore and purge feelings of loss. On the 11th of November, a song was written in a single, visceral recording take. That recording, ‘TODAY, I READ YOUR LIFE STORY 11:11’, began a seven year journey of self-examination, discovery and healing through music known now as The QUANTA Series. Released in pairs over the last year, the series of singles explores K Á R Y Y N’s familial legacy, themes of quantum physics, love, grief, growth and the impact humans have on each other. Dubbed a “sonic architect” (Dazed & Confused), “curiously powerful” (Pitchfork) and an “electronic adventurer” (FACT) by press who have lauded recent releases, K Á R Y Y N’s work highlights her ability to manipulate sound in unique and beautiful ways. Now releasing via Mute, the entire QUANTA Series will be released as an album, with three new tracks in the spring of 2019.

Orbit Saturday 2019

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