LA Priest

LA PRIEST (pronounced ‘Lah Pree-st’) is a project from reclusive electronic musician Sam Dust. Having previously used the moniker for a 12″ release on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy label in 2007, ‘Oino’, Dust’s new single, is the first material to surface from the artist since the hiatus of Late Of The Pier, his previous band, in 2009.

Sam spent much of his time after 2010 in Greenland, studying the effects of the Ivittuut region’s electro-magnetic phenomena on recorded sound, and producing more than five secret uncredited projects – some of which have already trickled out into the world to public acclaim.

Evoking the disruptive pop spirit of musicians like David Byrne, Prince, Arthur Russell or Aphex Twin, Dust’s revived LA PRIEST project once again sets him apart as a true outlying original. ‘

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