leah morabito

Dr. Leah Morabito is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at Durham University, where she is investigating how active super-massive black holes in distant galaxies impact the growth of their host galaxies. Dr. Morabito is a world leading expert in high resolution imaging at radio frequencies, and using specialised data processing techniques she achieves resolution similar to that of the Hubble Space Telescope with the Low Frequency Array. Born in the United States, Dr. Morabito spent six years in the US Air Force before earning her PhD from Leiden University in 2016. She was a Hintze Fellow at the University of Oxford, before moving to Durham University.

Talk: Super-massive black holes: What does radio tell us?

At the heart of every massive galaxy, there is a super-massive black hole. We see evidence in astronomical observations that these super-massive black holes are linked to the global properties of the galaxies in which they reside. One of the biggest open questions in astronomy today is: how do super-massive black holes impact galaxy evolution? Recently we released high-resolution radio images of galaxies with super-massive black holes. But what do these images tell us? And how are these black holes impacting the galaxies they live in? We will look at recent results and the advances that made them possible.

Star Pavilion Saturday 2022

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