Lost Souls of Saturn

Primarily Lost Souls of Saturn are Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa, plus further opaque participants. They congregate to combine music, new technologies, and storytelling into an inextricably linked whole, within an immersive and engaging audio-visual performance environment.

Through LSOS, Troxler, Moffa et al. explore new ways to open doors of perception and challenge the ways we see our world, whilst marrying the prescient visions, political aspirations and psychedelic energy of science fiction and early rave culture, with postmodern philosophy and contemporary art.

Their eponymous critically acclaimed debut album, released on R&S Records in Summer 2019, is a multidimensional mind trip and combines flavours gathered from across the galaxy. Old sci-fi soundtracks, acid, free jazz, avant garde, musique concrete, world music and more all whirl around an underground-dance-music axis.

Challenging the convention of ‘format’ in every sense, LSOS transmit via vinyl, digital, art installation, artefact, augmented reality app, and live performance.

Break the illusion.

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