Louise Atkinson

Louise Atkinson is a visual artist, curator, researcher and educator, specialising in the relationship between art and ethnography. To produce her work she uses a range of media and techniques, including drawing, textiles, and sculpture, often tailoring her approach to meet the requirements of the project or artwork.

Her research and creative practice responds to ideas around collecting, taking inspiration from museums and heritage settings. This work often involves producing a collection or series of objects to be presented as an installation or immersive experience. Through her practice-based research, she also collaborates with other artists and participants to create co-produced installations, engaging with notions of authorship and usership. Her previous work has explored the use of folklore, myths and images related to place within popular material culture, such as souvenirs and tourist arts. The aim of this work is to engage audiences to think more critically about these seemingly innocuous, everyday objects and to consider the narratives surrounding such objects.

Roots Friday 2018

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