Lucy Quinn

Dr Lucy Quinn first caught the ‘seabird bug’ when, aged 10, she saw her first fulmar flying off the coast of Northern Ireland, where she grew up, and she’s been in love with seabirds ever since! Following graduation from the University of Glasgow with a zoology degree and later from the University of Aberdeen with a PhD in seabird ecology, she’s been lucky enough to work on a multitude of remote seabird islands across the UK, Europe and beyond. She is most recently back from Bird Island, a small sub-Antarctic island being only 4.8km long and 800m wide, where for the majority of time only 3 other people live. Lucy worked on Bird Island for the British Antarctic Survey as an albatross scientist. It was during her work with Bird Island’s albatross species, as well as being involved in a North Sea wide plastic pollution project on fulmars, that sparked a particular interest in the problems seabirds are facing due to marine litter. Lucy was thrilled to get a chance to tell a part of this tragic and important story whilst working on Blue Planet 2 along with the BBC. Lucy now lives in the Scottish highlands, continuing to work on seabirds, and still gets excited when she sees a fulmar.

Talk: Filming Blue Planet II: BBC in conversation with the British Antarctic Survey: with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) bird ecologist Dr Lucy Quinn and BBC Natural History TV producer Yoland Bosiger

Lovell Stage Thursday 2018

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