Mewn emerge with their debut EP ‘Landscapes Unchanged’ via London label Simonie Records. A contemplative and kaleidoscopic work which ebbs and flows with emotion and intensity. ‘Landscapes Unchanged’ sounds like a band established well beyond their years. Mewn have carefully pieced together a rich, atmospheric and earnest sound, more akin to early Arcade Fire, Neutral Milk Hotel and Timbre Timbre than The Fall.

With Landscapes Unchanged, Mewn are delivering something currently missing in UK alternative music – a heartfelt and sincere approach to songwriting. Crafting beautiful songs with a technical proficiency which is never gratuitous. Emotion, mentality and catharsis are themes throughout the EP, on the lyrics Bluer says “It’s definitely melancholic. But finding the joy within that, that kind of duality. You feel very sad and it’s dark and unsettling; but then, at the end of it, you can sort of make friends with that feeling.”

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