Nicholas Mai

Picture Thanos twisting on Titan; Spock shimmying on Sigma Draconis VI; or Timelords flossing on Gallifrey. Imagine the Kree and the Skrulls settling their differences in a dance-off at a Hala hotspot; Buzz Lightyear boogie-ing on Planet Z; or Deckard and Roy shaking their thing, just off the shoulder of Orion. These could well be the sounds that they bump an A.I.-assisted behind, wave a sonic screwdriver in the air, or tap purple toes to. This is disco from a distant dimension….on past the dark side of the moon….to infinity. And beyond.

Nicholas Mai is a Manchester-based bar/club/restaurant/event DJ; near neighbour of Jodrell Bank; and an avid fan of sci-fi movies. And blue milk. Send him a Tweet – @DJNicholasMai

Thursday 2019, Friday 2019

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