oh bot

Robot Comedy Workshop

Can robots make humans laugh? We don’t know. We know some people find robots annoying and not funny when they tell jokes and that a large corporation recently gave up its quest to get and artificial intelligence to write jokes, so getting a robot to write a joke -that us humans find funny- is not easy.

But what harm is there in having a go? Come along and code some robot comedy? You’ll get to write programs to make an Ohbot, a human-ish seven motor talking robot head with googley eyes, deliver jokes and learn to identify the funny from the clanger by measuring laughter.

Don’t worry if you lost your funny in the mud lake around your tent, we’ll have a chock-full larder of bad human written jokes to use. It’ll be fun, even if the robots don’t raise a smile.

Suitable for ages 8-14. Information on how to sign-up and timings can be found here: https://www.discoverthebluedot.com/workshopsandsignings/

Space Pavilion Saturday 2022

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