Seven motors allow Ohbot’s head to tilt and turn its head and eyes, blink its eyelids and move its lips. Ohbot can speak, sense and recognise faces. Using a specially developed block based programming language Ohbot can be programmed to sense, ‘think’ and act. Ohbot challenges anyone that tries programming it to consider how robots might be programmed to fulfil new social roles in helping, serving and perhaps entertaining humans. I wonder if we are ready for the automatic supermarket till that provides a smile? Ohbot allows us to play and explore the possibilities for human like robots in the real world. Bring your humans friends and join us at bluedot to script robot conversations and establish robot friendships. Oh and its eyes can be programmed to light expressively in any colour. We think its okay for Ohbot to have one superhuman power!

Mission Control Friday 2017, Saturday 2017, Sunday 2017

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