Paul Thomas Saunders

It begun in a basement in Leeds. Four demo tracks were recorded by Paul Thomas Saunders and released as ‘Four Songs in Twilight’ E.P., but it was clear there was much to be improved upon. A follow up E.P. was written and recorded over the summer of 2010, but still, the spring reverb didn’t rattle for long enough, and the chords wouldn’t rotate with enough purpose. So on a back up disc it remained.

The formation of the live band also slowly lead to the conception of what Paul considers his first real release, ‘Lilac & Wisteria’ E.P. The process The Fever Dreams used to prepare the songs greatly inspired Paul’s approach to songwriting, as the individual members didn’t know the songs, he would play them and slowly indicate where developments needed to occur. It was this technique that he felt helped each song to develop naturally, beginning bleak and stark, slowly developing with each line of lyric.

Roots Friday 2017

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