Poking The Brain with Steve Mould

Poking the Brain

Join Blue Peter scientist Steve Mould as he takes you on a magical tour into the world of illusions. Always thought illusions were just for your eyes? Steve will demonstrate how they can affect all your senses and make your mind boggle! Packed with spectacular demos and plenty of audience interaction – find out what makes purple peculiar, how can you see sound and what happens in the depths of the cone zone.

Steve Mould is a science presenter on TV and on stage. He does stage shows about physics, maths, chemistry and psychology for kids, schools and families. And shows for adults as part of sell-out science and comedy trio Festival of The Spoken Nerd. His most recent TV appearances include presenting I Never Knew That About Britain on ITV and and joining Chris and Alex on the couch on The One Show on BBC 1. People always ask Steve where he gets the nerdy science and maths kit he uses in his shows, so he set up a website with Matt Parker where they sell some of it. It’s called Maths Gear.

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