Daniel M. Davis is Professor of Immunology at the University of Manchester and is the author of three acclaimed books: The Compatibility Gene, The Beautiful Cure, and most recently, The Secret Body, endorsed by Bill Bryson, Alice Roberts and Brian Cox. His research team studies the human immune system and has published over 140 academic papers. Davis has presented his research at many events and festivals, and has written for The Guardian, Times, Sunday Times, Wired, New Scientist and Scientific American.

Talk: The Secret Body

Welcome to a revolution in the science of you. Recent and dramatic breakthroughs in our understanding of the body will profoundly change the experience of being human in the coming century. New possibilities are opening up for intervention at every level, from our brains and genes to our microbiomes and immune systems. These offer us unprecedented powers over health, childhood development, our cognitive and physical abilities, and affect every aspect of how we live our lives and think about ourselves. The Secret Body presents a vision of the human body of dizzying complexity, wonder and possibility.

Mission Control Sunday 2022

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