Professor Cruickshank is an immunologist at the University of Manchester. Her research investigates the immune response to threats like infections or pollutants and the microbiome. She is an award-winning science communicator who involves diverse communities in her research both in the UK and Africa. She also regularly discusses immunology and infection in the media, has appeared on programmes such as The Truth about Boosting your Immune System and most recently won the Association of British Science Writers Dr Katharine Giles Award 2021 for best popular article written by a scientist or engineer.

Talk: Anti-venoms, pregnancy tests, and unlocking the secrets of our immune system- the miracle of antibodies.

The word antibodies is one we hear often these days but what exactly are they and why are they so important? This talk takes you through some of the science pioneers behind research into antibodies and how ground-breaking discoveries have changed the way we think about our immune system and transformed treatments and diagnosis of a whole host of conditions.

Mission Control Friday 2022

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