Radiophonic Workshop [Onsite Workshop + Live]

Radiophonic Workshop will create a sonic workshop at the festival over the three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in the Space Pavillion. Using found sounds, contributions from festival artists, ambient elements and technologies old and new they will create original music and soundscapes at the festival.

Sunday 1st April 2018 was the Radiophonic Workshop’s 60th anniversary.

In honour of this milestone they will be taking to the main stage at bluedot on the Saturday afternoon, with a performance featuring some well known works from their 60 year back catalogue. This will include sections from Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy (including visuals) and Doctor Who (the original members have created a unique 15 minute suite that links the first Delia Derbyshire version of the signature tune with the 1980 Peter Howell version – again with classic visuals from the series through the ages. It’s very poignant as well as being sensational sounding.

Lovell Stage, Space Pavilion Saturday 2018

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