Rik Carranza presents Star Wars vs Star Trek

Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown – Star Trek vs Star Wars! Geek culture collides in this fight to see which is better, a galaxy far far away or the final frontier. Hosting this passionate, explosive and heartfelt panel show, Rik Carranza brings together top guests in this battle for sci-fi superiority. 

Beginning with challenging the competitors on their own knowledge of their chosen franchise, Star Trek vs Star Wars brings humour at every stage. Using rounds such as “Who would win in a fight, Han Solo or James T Kirk?”, Where would you rather hang out, Ten Forward or the Cantina?” and “Which character is better, Jar Jar Binks or Neelix?” With bonus rounds including a voice over round, where competitors must voiceover an iconic scene from the oppositions franchise, Star Trek vs Star Wars brings light hearted humour and fun to such an age old debate. But who wins? That’s down to the audience. Two audience members are invited up on stage to represent their franchise in a final head to head. In a quick fire round it comes down to the audience to take home the victory for their franchise.

Private: Contact Saturday 2017

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