Royal Aeronautical Society

Learn about the dark art of aerodynamics at the Royal Aeronautical Society stand. Talk to engineers who are working with cutting edge technology to design the next generation of air and space vehicles here in the UK. Experiment with plasticine to create a low-drag race car and test your design. The Royal Aeronautical Society is a community of professional engineers and aerospace enthusiasts that for 150 years has existed to promote the advancement of aerospace knowledge, industry and collaboration worldwide.

At Bluedot, RAeS will be demonstrating how aerodynamics influences the design of all kinds of items, from umbrellas to spacecraft; and will demonstrate some of the techniques used by professionals to model and predict the chaotic nature of air. There’s also the chance for visitors to step into the shoes of an aerodynamicist and design their own race car to be tested in the Society’s portable wind tunnel.”

Private: Family Fun Friday 2017, Saturday 2017, Sunday 2017

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