science made simple

It’s Only Water, Or Is It?

We are all familiar with water; we see it every day. But in this interactive show we help you dive a little deeper, to think about what water is made from and all the amazing things it can do.

From absorbing water effectively, to dissolving chemicals in it, you can squash, freeze and heat water to do all sorts of things. Its properties really are extraordinary.

Using lots of demonstrations and volunteers to help, our presenters will help you recognise and name properties of water – freezing, boiling, melting, condensing, dissolving and evaporating and will talk about the states of matter – solid, liquid and gas. They will illustrate how water has a chemical formula and how water and the objects in it are affect by forces – floating and sinking, gravity.

Music To Your Ears

Uncover the mysteries of what sound is, how you hear it, and how you turn it into music. We’ll show you all sorts of unusual ways to make sound and music, including the ultimate ‘hands-free’ instrument and one you can play with a blowtorch!

Big Bang Stage Saturday 2022, Sunday 2022

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