Science Show: StrongWomen Science

StrongWomen Science is a new show starring two women scientists turned circus performers. Ever wanted to know how you balance a chair on your chin, if you can juggle liquid, or how circus performers eat fire? StrongWomen Aoife and Maria reveal the scientific secrets behind their astounding tricks. In a fun, lively and fast-paced circus performance, find out how jugglers, acrobats and hula hoop artists use science to create their amazing acts. Because when science meets circus, anything’s possible!

‘Jaw-dropping, informative and fun. StrongWomen Science’s performance was incredible! I loved every minute!’

‘A most enjoyable, empowering family event – so inspiring and enthusiastic. I will be thinking of the StrongWomenScience team for a long time to come.’

‘If ever there was role models I would like my own four year old daughter to have – the two StrongWomen would be it!’

StrongWomen Science is delivered by Circus250 and supported by the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Suitable for all ages, but recommended for ages 5+.

Friday 2019, Saturday 2019, Sunday 2019

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