Shagita Gounden: The SKA: Down to Earth

Shagita Gounden

Shagita Gounden is a Computer Engineer currently working on the software architecture of the SKA telescope. Shagita has previously worked in the Energy, Industry and Defence sectors. While passionate about actual engineering work and the technical challenges therein, Shagita is equally passionate about encouraging young people to pursue interests and opportunities in STEM. Shagita practises yoga to stay sane (and be a nicer human) and encourages others to do the same through her work as a part-time yoga instructor.

Talk: The SKA: Down to Earth

Much has been said about the SKA’s impact on science (deservedly so). But how are the reverberations of this magnificent instrument felt on the ground? What does it mean for the average person? What are the implications and possibilities of the SKA beyond the science?

Friday 2019

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