Drop by the Big Bang Stage to enjoy Me, Human’s popular Soapbox Shorts:

Pay Attention! The Function of Vision, Dr Haiko Ballieux
Saturday at 11am and Sunday at 12pm

Left Brain, Right Brain, Professor Gilly Forrester
Saturday at 12pm and Sunday at 12:20pm

Babies, Robots and In Between, Dr Ori Ossmy
Saturday at 11:40am and Sunday at 12:40pm

Neuroscience of Mindfulness and Music, Dr Trudi Edginton
Saturday at 1:15pm and Sunday at 2:15pm

Challenging the Myths of Science, David Bramwell
Saturday at 1:35pm and Sunday at 2:35pm

Why We Dream, Professor Catherine Loveday
Saturday at 1:55pm and Sunday at 2:55pm

Professor Gilly Forrester is a Professor of Evolutionary & Developmental Psychology at Birkbeck, the University of London investigating the evolution and development of human cognition.

Dr Trudi Edginton is a Reader in Psychology at City, University of London, with research expertise in Cognitive Neuroscience. She is also a Clinical Psychologist, CBT therapist, EMDR and Mindfulness practitioner.

Professor Catherine Loveday is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Westminster investigating memory and music.

Dr Ori Ossmy is a Lecturer in Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London investigating how children develop their motor skills.

Dr Haiko Ballieux is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Westminster researching in developmental cognitive neuroscience.

‘Dr’ David Bramwell is a broadcaster and podcaster who has presented programmes for BBC R3 and BBC R4 on subjects ranging from time travel to the art of public speaking.

Big Bang Stage Saturday 2022, Sunday 2022

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