Steve Davis

The Steve Davis legend started over 40 years ago when he first picked up a cue to play on the dining room table at his parents’ South London home. What followed was the development of a sporting phenomenon who took snooker to new heights and established himself as one of Britain’s best loved sportsmen.

Davis dominated the game in the 1980’s when he claimed six World Championships at Sheffield as well as capturing all the game’s major titles on numerous occasions. His success continued into the 90s and 00s and Davis has amassed 71 major titles during his career. Steve announced his retirement from professional snooker in 2016.
Davis is a regular on a variety of television shows and is recognised as one of the BBC’s leading snooker pundits and commentators, where his love of the sport that made him one of the most recognisable faces in Britain, shines through. Steve presents The Interesting Alterative Show on Pheonix FM in Essex and his passion for music has translated to a number of DJ appearances. His autobiography, Interesting, was released in spring 2015.

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