Steve Mason

Meet the ‘new’ Steve Mason. Newly relocated to Brighton, newly energised about working with people, now in possession of a new studio album.

‘Meet The Humans’ is an apt title for the third record under the Steve Mason name. Shot through with the renewal of that move and finding its author feeling ‘pretty victorious’, it fires out of the traps with the refrain ‘cause you can make it / don’t think this pain is forever’ and doesn’t look back, swinging musically across dance, pop, folk, dub, and deep house influences and remaining as lyrically adept and open as anything Steve has done back to the ‘Three Eps’.

Whilst no ‘happy clappy’ collection, lyrically unafraid to pin its beliefs to its sleeve, ‘Meet The Humans’ is the sound of a songwriter in a purple patch, not just in artistic terms but of the whole 360, full life variety:

‘I’m a great believer in saying that you can sit around and say everything’s shit but if you do that they’ve won. They want you to sit in your house and watch X Factor or Strictly, it’s pure soma but it’s about popping into your neighbour and having a chat and setting the world to rights. It’s about little victories, small conversations that will really change the world.’

Orbit 2016

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