the royal society of chemistry

Take Charge

We are calling all sustainability enthusiasts! Can you make a battery out of a lemon? Can you 3D-print a dinosaur using old coffee cups? Can the sun power a car? Join our scientists from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Early Career Network to find out the answers by conducting your own electrifying science experiments!

Come and get involved! You will be enlightened and entertained by our hands-on activities aimed at enthusiastic festival-goers of all ages and abilities. We’re positive that you’ll enjoy powering-up our toy cars using solar, hydrogen or battery power to charge ahead of the competition. Choose your supplies from fruits, coins and clips to make your own battery and light up our voltage leader board. Prepare to be shocked as you watch a 3D-printer transform waste plastic into useful educational tools right before your eyes!

We hope to spark your interest in sustainability because together we can make a difference and build a better future for the next generations

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