Tshepe Tshepela & Mama Joyce

Eddy Tshepe Tshepela and Jocelyne Ludaizo (Mama Joyce) are Congolese musicians who have been making waves on the Manchester African music scene for some years now through their work as part of Amani Creatives, an African-led arts and heritage organisation. They both grew up surrounded by church music in the DR Congo and learn their craft in this environment.

Having taken up keyboard from the age of 10, Tshepe later took part in several piano workshops at the National Institute of Congolese Art and studied under Gaby Wadigesila, a renowned Congolese jazz pianist and bass player. As a result, Tshepe went on to study jazz performance and composition at the prestigious Birmingham Conservatoire.

Whilst in the Congo, Tshepe played with several band around Kinshasa, including the world famous OK Jazz, Bana OK and Zaiko. He regularly performs throughout Africa and Europe and has appeared at the Couleur Café festival in Belgium and the Zenith festival in Paris. His UK debut was at Manchester Jazz Festival in 2015.

Roots Sunday 2019

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